Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Very excited for 2012, spending time with family, friends, and adding new work to River Luna. I'm grateful for this amazing and fun experience of getting my work out there and sharing one of my favorite things. It's so nice to settle down after the holidays, and have fresh eyes for some new designs.
After visiting family in San Diego, and a trip to the aquarium, I've been inspired by marine life and can't wait to explore!
Here are a few items that will be in shop, originals as well as prints.
Best wishes in your new year!
xo Marisa

Soon to come, my collection of hand-painted stones.
Peacock Feather Heart

Blue Coral

1 comment:

Nancy*McKay said...

& Happy New Year YOU!
I'm so happy I found you in 2011,
CHEERS to a brand new year
may your creative spirit run wild, run free!