Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Well Hello Again!

It's been a while. I've gone silent here the past couple months. I think August just flew by somehow, and I spent most of September sick and in bed. However, life carries on and some fun things have been happening with my little Etsy business. This month is my shops 1 year anniversary! It's been quite a wild ride. I've learned a lot, and have met a lot of wonderful people through the Etsy community. As one of my dear friends Amy says, "Life is full" - and what a wonderful feeling that is!

In all honesty, I should REALLY be working right now but I just have to update with some very exciting news (if you didn't already see it in my shop), which is that a couple of my paintings were featured in the West Elm's Fall 2012 Catalog! I really love that store, and I actually wrote this in my list of dream goals for River Luna. I'm totally thrilled and thankful that Etsy has brought my paintings so much exposure. Another fun thing is if you happen to watch that new NBC show Animal Practice, you may see some of my paintings on the set. I sorta love the actor in that show (he's the guy from Weeds) so it's neat to see my art right next to him! 

I'm finally healthy and nearly caught up with work so I'll be posting back here regularly with new work and holiday goodies. For now I'll just share a some new things in the shop. There were a lot of new paintings over that past few months so if you'd like to see them you can just check out the shop page, 

Thanks to any followers out there for your support! The personal connections are what have made this years journey really special.

Marisa xx

9x12 Glow Feathers - original painting available in shop
5x7 Clouded Dreams - original oil painting on wood
Painted stick and stones by Amy Komar
9x12 Driftwood Heart - original painting available in shop
Teepee and Mini Arrow Stone Set 

Ocean Feathers and Sticks - Sold
9x12 Crow Feather Bundle - original painting available in shop
Blue Jay Feather Bundle - original painting available in shop

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy August

How sweet and delicate is this painted beaver stick? It was a surprise gift that came with a beautiful float I ordered from Amy Komar. I'm so in love with her work.

My second pair of large feathers. These two were also inspired by the stones I keep at my table.
You can find these 12"x16" amazonite feathers in my shop.

I just finished these last night.
This little set is inspired by Southwestern colors, and remind me of a trip I took to Taos, New Mexico. Did I mention, I hope to live there one day? 
I didn't get much painting done last month. Between the vacation, catching up on all of that work once returning, and being out sick for a week I had very little free time. I did however have a vision of a new series of oil paintings I'd like to paint. I have them in my mind so clear. I really hope I can execute what's inside. All of the paintings will be around 24" on deep edge cradled wood panels. I was really excited to order the panels from blick. I used to cut my own wood at home depot and work on that. I liked how the grain came through the painting a bit. There were always natural knots in the wood that I'd work around/with. 

I couldn't wait to start, so the first painting I began on canvas since it was on hand. I think this one I'll keep for our home. My ultimate goal is to save the paintings as a collection and eventually approach a gallery. It's something I've never done, so the idea is a little nerve racking. I think it's much easier to put your work on a website, where you don't have to hear, see, or feel peoples thoughts or criticism of it. 
But I'm still going to give it a go!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Back Home With New Work

Little Love Owls, Maho + Coki
Hunter, the Little Brown Bear

Mama Owl - Made to match Mama Bird from the first "Words of Wisdom" painting shared here in January.
Nature Collector

Mavi Feathers

I'm now home from a long vacation in the Virgin Islands. It was an amazing family trip which included iced fruity drinks, crystal clear blue water and endless special nature finds. All I had to do was dig my hands into the sand and I'd find them full of coral, seashells and an occasional clam or hermit crab (which I returned to the sea of course). More than anything, it was really nice to be with the family. I cleared my mind and shed some old useless feelings I had been carrying around. With that I found more space to paint. These are some of the paintings I completed while there.

Some who follow may remember an illustration painting I shared here back in January. I've since added several new characters to the "Words of Wisdom" series. I've really been loving the process of creating these animals. While painting them, ideas come to me about who they are and what they do. I give them a story, and a fitting name. I've always loved unique names. I have a name book which is usually where I select them from. The names are from cultures around the world. So far, I find I've been most drawn to Swahili names. Sometimes it takes days to find the perfect one, but once I do I know it was worth waiting. 

Today I'm introducing a few new owls. I think they complete my owl characters. I've been taking my time on this pair, and completed them while in USVI. Meet Maho and Coki! They're two little love owls who's hearts were made for each other (see how their hearts match each others wings?). When hung together they gaze lovingly into each others eyes. Unlike my other animals, these two were not named from the book. They were named after the two favorite beaches I swam in while on my trip. These two traveled far and have a sort of wild love. 

I also finished "Mama Owl" who I painted to match the Mama Bird I introduced in the first "Words of Wisdom" painting. I like the idea that the mamas have nearly identical wing patterns. To me it represents the connection that all mothers share. Mama Owl is the wisest of the owl family. She's the caretaker and dreamer. She loves magnolias and dark chocolate truffles. 

My latest bear is a bold young brown bear named Hunter. He's spends his day fishing for salmon and shooting arrows. He's known as the foodie in his family, and can find berries so fresh they melt in your mouth. 

Other than the illustrations I finished one large nature collection painting. It goes nicely with my nature bundle and stick collection paintings. I also finished a few new sets of feathers which can be found in my shop.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sunny Vacation

 It's been a bit since I've updated. Here is the new work I've added to my shop this month. This should be it for the rest of the month. I'm taking a vacation! I'm pretty excited to have time to relax and just focus on painting. As much as I love printing, packing, and shipping artwork to my lovely customers, it will be nice to have my full attention on creating. I plan to make more illustrations and try some new things. My hope is to be back with lots of new original paintings!
I'll check in with photo updates.

Hope the sun is shining, where ever you are!

marisa x

Friday, June 8, 2012

Luna, Paz, and Paloma's Heart

Paloma's Feather Heart, inspired by stones
Little Owl Luna

Little Owl Paz
A few new paintings in the shop. 
I've been loving painting owl. They're so mystical, one of my favorite creatures. 


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Feathers

Amethyst Feathers 12"x16"
Anna Feathers 9x12
Mila Feathers 5x7
 Here are some paintings I finished this weekend. They've been sold, but I now have archival prints available in my shop! I had fun with the patterns and used some that I've been playing with in my animal illustrations. I really loved working on the Amethyst Feathers. They were inspired by the two gemstones pictured. The painting is 12"x16", the largest feathers I've painted so far. I think I'll be making more. I'll also be adding more feather paintings in sets of three.
The Anna Feathers I painted specially for my studio. I've been decorating with that color combo in mind, so I'll be hanging a large print on my wall. 
Other than that, I finally figured out a few settings on my camera! The last pic (Mila Feathers) is before, and the others are after I fixed the light setting. Basic stuff, I know. I just haven't had time to read the instructions. But really, I could have saved myself a ton of time from photo editing!

marisa x

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

this is my studio

So my studio is finally finished and I love it so much I thought I'd share it here. Most of the decor is from other Etsy artists. Links are attached to their shop names so you can browse. I was sick this past weekend, so I hadn't painted anything until yesterday. I couldn't wait to get to work. It's really nice to have a space filled with little inspirations. I believe I've already shared about a few items a while ago through my blog and twitter, like the artwork hanging on the right by Paulina Varregn, and some items from bookhou at home - but here are my other special finds. Maybe you'll find something you like.

This is where I paint, print, and pack orders. 

My desk view. I'm a bit of a collector.
I finally put up some cork board after post it notes covered the framed art I used to have up in front of where I sit. 
I stained the wood on my desk to add a little contrast to the room. So happy to have a new desk - it's from ikea.
I love a large open work space, and this one is the perfect size. I can even have my succulents there.
Sweet little bird nest. My husband brought it home for me from San Diego.
The curio cabinet is from Katie at Pine and Main on Etsy. Many special vintage finds there.

How cute is this little crowd?! When I was a kid, my favorite toys were the tiniest ones.
I still have my teeny tiny collection packed away. This is my grown up version.
Mini creatures are from Sabina, MountRoyalMint, and Danielle, HandyMaiden on Etsy. 
These stone set curio shelves are so gorgeous. I placed them eye level to where I sit at my desk so I can adore them often. They were made by Lauren Gray, The Haunted Hollow Tree. She's a remarkable artist, beautiful work.The butterfly wings are actually necklaces from Wendy, House That Crow Built. I love them so much I wanted to be able to see them on the wall too.
My oil painting area...
Mapping out new work.

No I don't smoke cigars, but I do like the boxes. I store paints and other art supplies in them.
I moved things around since this photo, but I have to share these handmade arrows from Stacey, NativeShop.  They're so cool! She makes them in a variety of colors and designs.
Some orders ready to ship. Cute triangle pillow, and the swan print above from LeahDuncan.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rafi, Wren, and a little peek of my studio

Driftwood Bundle, hung in my studio
Rafi, the Honey Bear
Wren the Wandering Llama 

Since moving into our new home I've been decorating and adding new furniture to my studio space, making it my own. This is the first time I've had a place specifically for painting and I'm a little giddy about it! I've met so many talented and sweet people through Etsy and a lot of my decor is from their shops. It's really nice to have special pieces around me when I work; they seem to encourage and inspire my work day (or night, rather). I finally got a couple flat files I've been needing, and a new desk that I've had my eye on for some time. It's a bit larger which I need since I like to have two palettes out when I paint, plus I usually work on several paintings at a time. 
I framed and hung one of my large prints, Driftwood Bundle. Almost everything is in place, all that is left to do is stain and seal the wood of my new desk and then it's complete! 
I'll post photos when I'm done.

Also, I finished a couple more of my illustrations last night. Wren sold this afternoon, and will be wandering over to France - but I did add archival prints of her to my shop.

I was inspired to paint Rafi the Honey Bear after a swarm of worker bees gathered in the chimney for a few days. I'm so happy they decided to move on. We called a local bee keeper, but by the time he made it here there were only a few left, and some that hummed around our house. One thing I love about this area is how kind people are. Since meeting him he's dropped by bearing gifts of fresh honey comb, lessons about bees, and even loaned my husband a book about the health benefits of honey. It's clear he loves his work. He showed us a piece of a hive he had saved which had a queen bee. I wish I snapped a picture...

xo marisa