Tuesday, May 29, 2012

this is my studio

So my studio is finally finished and I love it so much I thought I'd share it here. Most of the decor is from other Etsy artists. Links are attached to their shop names so you can browse. I was sick this past weekend, so I hadn't painted anything until yesterday. I couldn't wait to get to work. It's really nice to have a space filled with little inspirations. I believe I've already shared about a few items a while ago through my blog and twitter, like the artwork hanging on the right by Paulina Varregn, and some items from bookhou at home - but here are my other special finds. Maybe you'll find something you like.

This is where I paint, print, and pack orders. 

My desk view. I'm a bit of a collector.
I finally put up some cork board after post it notes covered the framed art I used to have up in front of where I sit. 
I stained the wood on my desk to add a little contrast to the room. So happy to have a new desk - it's from ikea.
I love a large open work space, and this one is the perfect size. I can even have my succulents there.
Sweet little bird nest. My husband brought it home for me from San Diego.
The curio cabinet is from Katie at Pine and Main on Etsy. Many special vintage finds there.

How cute is this little crowd?! When I was a kid, my favorite toys were the tiniest ones.
I still have my teeny tiny collection packed away. This is my grown up version.
Mini creatures are from Sabina, MountRoyalMint, and Danielle, HandyMaiden on Etsy. 
These stone set curio shelves are so gorgeous. I placed them eye level to where I sit at my desk so I can adore them often. They were made by Lauren Gray, The Haunted Hollow Tree. She's a remarkable artist, beautiful work.The butterfly wings are actually necklaces from Wendy, House That Crow Built. I love them so much I wanted to be able to see them on the wall too.
My oil painting area...
Mapping out new work.

No I don't smoke cigars, but I do like the boxes. I store paints and other art supplies in them.
I moved things around since this photo, but I have to share these handmade arrows from Stacey, NativeShop.  They're so cool! She makes them in a variety of colors and designs.
Some orders ready to ship. Cute triangle pillow, and the swan print above from LeahDuncan.


UmberDove said...

It's gorgeous! And we're desk twinsies... except I'm afraid mine has a "patina" of paint stains.

the turquoise paintbrush said...

Your work space is heaven to my eyes! Love love love the big cork board with artwork hanging above your desk. And the hand-made arrows!

River Luna said...

Thank you! I do love my fresh space! Stacey did an amazing job on the arrows.

River Luna said...

Oh, and I've been working so hard to keep paint off my desk but I already have a few stains. I don't mind it though, it's loved.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely studio! I bet it is quite nice having your own space to create. :) xx

Jenny said...

What an amazing space! Would you be so kind as to let me know how you stained your ikea table? I have a white one and a light brown table top, are these the original table tops you had too?

River Luna said...

Thank you Jenny! I know Ikea has some wood stain for all of their tables and counters. I used a wood stain and seal from Lowes. I can't recall the brand, but they have tons of shades to choose from so you can find just what you want. Just be sure to do it outdoors with proper ventilation. It takes a couple days to air out, and you definitely don't want to smell those fumes.

Oh, and the table I got was a mix and match. You choose the legs and top separately. I wanted the wood top to add a little natural feel to the room.