Friday, May 4, 2012

Masika the Little Fawn

This is Masika, the little deer I finished this week. The name means born during the rains. 
Lately I've been working on animal illustrations to add to my "Words of Wisdom"painting. I like working on several different paintings all at once. I'm really enjoying this project since I get a sense of who these animals are, and their character. Right now I have four other illustrations on my table, and a lot of other work keeping me busy so I'm loving any time I get to work on them!

~*~  marisa


Nancy*McKay said...

Sorry for being redundant but, Masika is TRULY BEAUTIFUL!!!

ramya said...

so beautiful are so talented

River Luna said...

Thank you both!
Ramya, so nice to see you here! Just reading your email now :)