Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Feathers

Amethyst Feathers 12"x16"
Anna Feathers 9x12
Mila Feathers 5x7
 Here are some paintings I finished this weekend. They've been sold, but I now have archival prints available in my shop! I had fun with the patterns and used some that I've been playing with in my animal illustrations. I really loved working on the Amethyst Feathers. They were inspired by the two gemstones pictured. The painting is 12"x16", the largest feathers I've painted so far. I think I'll be making more. I'll also be adding more feather paintings in sets of three.
The Anna Feathers I painted specially for my studio. I've been decorating with that color combo in mind, so I'll be hanging a large print on my wall. 
Other than that, I finally figured out a few settings on my camera! The last pic (Mila Feathers) is before, and the others are after I fixed the light setting. Basic stuff, I know. I just haven't had time to read the instructions. But really, I could have saved myself a ton of time from photo editing!

marisa x


szyjnia said...

I love your art!

River Luna said...

Thanks for the visit! :)

Lucie said...

I do, too! I've been enamoured with your beautiful work for a few months now. Love what I think of as kind of an Aboriginal and American Indian vibe? Earthy and mystical at the same time... I think I'm going to treat myself to a piece for my birthday :) Can't wait to see more, Lucie x