Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy August

How sweet and delicate is this painted beaver stick? It was a surprise gift that came with a beautiful float I ordered from Amy Komar. I'm so in love with her work.

My second pair of large feathers. These two were also inspired by the stones I keep at my table.
You can find these 12"x16" amazonite feathers in my shop.

I just finished these last night.
This little set is inspired by Southwestern colors, and remind me of a trip I took to Taos, New Mexico. Did I mention, I hope to live there one day? 
I didn't get much painting done last month. Between the vacation, catching up on all of that work once returning, and being out sick for a week I had very little free time. I did however have a vision of a new series of oil paintings I'd like to paint. I have them in my mind so clear. I really hope I can execute what's inside. All of the paintings will be around 24" on deep edge cradled wood panels. I was really excited to order the panels from blick. I used to cut my own wood at home depot and work on that. I liked how the grain came through the painting a bit. There were always natural knots in the wood that I'd work around/with. 

I couldn't wait to start, so the first painting I began on canvas since it was on hand. I think this one I'll keep for our home. My ultimate goal is to save the paintings as a collection and eventually approach a gallery. It's something I've never done, so the idea is a little nerve racking. I think it's much easier to put your work on a website, where you don't have to hear, see, or feel peoples thoughts or criticism of it. 
But I'm still going to give it a go!



Samantha said...

Oh a gallery showing would be so exciting!

Samantha said...

also, I am giving you a blog award!

MagaMerlina said...

I had seen your beautiful painted stones on Etsy and just found your blog. I love your work!!!! I find it beautiful, delicate, extremely well made and spiritual. I will contact you for a custom item.