Monday, January 16, 2012

This Week On My Table

It's Monday! I use to dread them, but now I find myself looking forward to them.
I'm always happy to get back to work. Here's a peek at what's on my painting table this week.
I'm finding more time to paint, and I'm looking forward to adding many more originals to River Luna.
 I'm also feeling more earthy tones and subtle shades.

A shot of my painting in process. I use watercolors and go in with white gouache for the fine details.
Everything I work on is nature inspired, so I keep a lot of stones, coral, shells, and plants in my work space.
My large abalone shell works perfectly as a separate pallet for my white paint.
It's a nice way to feel that connection as I paint.

Feathers await their patterns...
Royal Antler Stone, new in shop - In the meantime I'll be using it as my paperweight while I paint.


UmberDove said...

So completely awesome: As I sit here SURROUNDED by my own watercolors, stacks of deckle-edged papers, cups of brushes, and all the like, I have a massive abalone shell as the holding dish for my most used paint tubes.

I LOVE how small the world can be, how universal inspiration and collections can be!

River Luna said...

Love that! And I completely love your art and jewelry! I'm also living in Lodi - your mother purchased some of my cards last week. That's how I found your amazing work! It is such a small world!

Nancy*McKay said...

I love how you choose to surround yourself in nature as you create!
I try to do the MOST parts of my i work&live in such a manmade environment.
It's my way of trying to maintain a balance.

i love what you do.
i love your VISION.

sorry i took your paperweight away from you...
it's now part of my "home" that surrounds me with beauty!


River Luna said...

Hi Nancy!

I'm so happy you have this stone now! I'm sure it's absorbed lot's of good creative energy.
From what I've seen, your space is vibrant and gorgeous - as are you!

Thank you dearest Nancy!