Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Letter & A Love Stone

My Moon & Stars (front of stone)
Painted Stone

Heart Pieces - Painted Heart Stone Set 
 It's Febuary, and with Valentine's Day just two weeks away it's the perfect time to share some love with a coupon and giveaway! Drop by A Little Etsy Love to enter, and there you'll find a River Luna coupon code! 

Last month flew by, and it feels as though I was still recovering from the holidays! It's so nice to have more time in the evenings to paint now. I've finished and added several original feather paintings to my shop, and last month finally found the time to photograph and list all the painted stones I've been sharing on here.

 In the new year, I really wanted to get back to my original idea when starting River Luna back in October: to provide unique and affordable original artwork. It feels like things picked up so quickly, that most of what was left in my shop was prints. It's refreshing to restock some originals!

Getting in the mood of Valentine's, I'm adding Sweetheart Gift Sets to my shop! The painted stones are love themed of course, and each one comes with a feather heart card (complete with a beautiful chocolate envelope and pink heart seal) Above are just a couple of the stones available in my shop. 
The moon and stars is a double sided painted stone. Heart Pieces is made to be shared, the idea came from those "best friends" heart charms.

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