Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter In Locke

My teenage brother in law, making a romantic gesture for his girlfriend.  

The best Chinese food we ever had, this is the back of the restaurant. 

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My family came to town for Easter, and it was such a nice visit. We spent the day having a delicious brunch (my sister-in-law rocks in the kitchen), and watched the kids play and search for eggs. It was a perfect day. On our drive home we stopped by Locke, a historic 99 year old Chinese town. It's beautiful there, and was quiet and empty. We walked around, took pictures and had the best Chinese food ever.

I finished a few little paintings this week. I just love woodgrain. It's so meditative to paint those lines, without a plan, or knowing where they'll go. They're in the shop, and I'll be adding prints soon. 

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I had a fun idea for a new series. Ideas always come to me when I'm just getting to sleep, so I usually say them out loud in hopes I'll remember them the next day. I'm really excited about it, and already sketched it out this morning. I have to get some orders out today, but once I'm done I'm sure it'll turn into a 2am painting night! Better get a good audiobook...



seelvana said...

i adore your art, allways watch but never comment coz all my comments would say the same!

Beautiful, you're inspiring ♥

Nancy*McKay said...

Lovely photos & paintings as well!

River Luna said...

Thank you both! <3