Tuesday, April 24, 2012

feathers and stones

Bodhi Feathers 
Taos Stones
Although I was busy this past week, I did manage to finish this set of feathers, and a couple little stones. I got some new supplies in the mail, including new paints and gouache. The new colors are inspiring, can't wait to work with them. I also got a new sketchbook, and it must be the nicest I've ever had! It was on sale on blick online and the pages are gorgeous compared to my last one. I got all my orders out yesterday, so I'm looking forward to painting and sketching all day today.
xo marisa


prairiegirl said...

The taos stones are painted with beautiful colors. And the feathers are simply lovely. Mind sharing the brand name of your new sketchbook? Nothing quite like a good feel of paper. Enjoy your day!

River Luna said...

Thank you! Of course, it's a Moleskine 4A Folio Sketchbook. I got mine from dickblick.com and they have 25% off sales all the time. The size is great, lots of room for all your ideas. I've always used smaller sketchbooks, but I'm loving this one. It's 8¼" × 11¾" and has a nice pocket in the back which I've been using to hold small paintings in progress, and clips of inspirational colors.
Enjoy your day too!