Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Well Hello Again!

It's been a while. I've gone silent here the past couple months. I think August just flew by somehow, and I spent most of September sick and in bed. However, life carries on and some fun things have been happening with my little Etsy business. This month is my shops 1 year anniversary! It's been quite a wild ride. I've learned a lot, and have met a lot of wonderful people through the Etsy community. As one of my dear friends Amy says, "Life is full" - and what a wonderful feeling that is!

In all honesty, I should REALLY be working right now but I just have to update with some very exciting news (if you didn't already see it in my shop), which is that a couple of my paintings were featured in the West Elm's Fall 2012 Catalog! I really love that store, and I actually wrote this in my list of dream goals for River Luna. I'm totally thrilled and thankful that Etsy has brought my paintings so much exposure. Another fun thing is if you happen to watch that new NBC show Animal Practice, you may see some of my paintings on the set. I sorta love the actor in that show (he's the guy from Weeds) so it's neat to see my art right next to him! 

I'm finally healthy and nearly caught up with work so I'll be posting back here regularly with new work and holiday goodies. For now I'll just share a some new things in the shop. There were a lot of new paintings over that past few months so if you'd like to see them you can just check out the shop page, 

Thanks to any followers out there for your support! The personal connections are what have made this years journey really special.

Marisa xx

9x12 Glow Feathers - original painting available in shop
5x7 Clouded Dreams - original oil painting on wood
Painted stick and stones by Amy Komar
9x12 Driftwood Heart - original painting available in shop
Teepee and Mini Arrow Stone Set 

Ocean Feathers and Sticks - Sold
9x12 Crow Feather Bundle - original painting available in shop
Blue Jay Feather Bundle - original painting available in shop


Samantha said...

What amazing news! I can only imagine how exciting it must be to see your work published and on TV. :)

artist in the arctic said...

Feeling your joy and celebrating you! Always thrilled to hear of an artist arriving. You are inspiring : ) xo

layla may said...

i found you via etsy, so this was a lovely post to read.............i really love your work.............wishing you so much success.............x