Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fresh Supplies - oh yeah!!!

layout of this weeks feathers

new art supplies makes a very happy desk!

spring stones will be in shop tomorrow!

Probably one of the most exciting things for me is getting new art supplies. I used to go to Blick, my favorite art supply store in San Diego. I've gone there since I was 10, back then it was called The Art Store. My mother owned a Salon just blocks from there, so any money I ever earned was spent at that store. Even if it was just a new pencil, I was thrilled to work with something new. Well, I don't know WHY in the world I didn't think to buy my supplies from Blick online! Since moving from San Diego, there are no real art supply stores in my area - other than Michaels and the extremely overpriced Aaron Bros. which carry the bare minimum. For the past two years (since the move) I've felt a bit restricted with painting since I didn't have a lot of the supply I'd like to work with and was buying overpriced paints. I went to Blick and found so many gorgeous papers and paints - and everything was 70% off with free shipping. I stocked up on paper and got all the acrylic inks I've been wanting.  When the package arrive on my doorstep it was more exciting than Christmas morning!

The only thing is I've never purchased paint online, so I didn't entirely know what to expect. I ended up with a few colors that I'd probably never purchase in person (talking neon), but they've inspired me to give the whole neon spring trend a chance, so I'll be using them on some spring stones. There's a peek at one of them above. They'll all be listed in my shop tomorrow. I'm trying to decide if I should list them in singles, or sets...hmm

I'm also ecstatic about my new paper! It makes such a difference in the painting. I've already tried a couple feathers on the two smaller blocks. One is hot pressed paper, which I've never used. It's really smooth and the paint seems to dry/absorb into it more quickly than the cold pressed paper I nomally use. I'm thinking of using the hot pressed paper for some playful feathers with neon lining. We'll see how it turns out.

Aside from that I've just been kept busy this week with a few custom and wholesale orders. I've been really wanting to get back to this new pair of feathers. I'll have time to paint today - yay!

xo marisa


Samantha said...

I have to say, I really really like the spring stone you have featured in this post.

prairiegirl said...

Wow, your desk looks so neat and tidy! And all those rocks. They look cool. I can relate to your excitement about all that good paper and paint. I "accidently" bought some neon hot pink acrylic, and i use it in almost every piece now. Go for it! Also, i send out for a catalog from daniel smith art supplies in seattle. They have some good sales as well, and the catalog is kinda fun to flip through.
I cant wait till payday. Gonna buy me a bunny and a feather stone! :-)

River Luna said...

Thank you both!
Prairegirl, do you have your art posted somewhere? I'd love to see your work, and how you use the hot pink - how fun!
Oh, and my desk is normally a bit messy. I pack orders and paint in the same space so there are usually bits of paper and tape around :)

Nancy*McKay said...

you know, i love it when you get new art supplies too! it means we'll be seeing that newness on rock & paper soon!!!
lovely post!