Sunday, March 11, 2012


Spring Moth Print Set, new in shop.
Paz Leaf and Vines
Kia Feathers
Butterfly Wing, Leaf and Spore Cluster Painted Stones
Easter inspired, Decorated Egg
Feather and Vines, Leaf and Single Spore painted stone set

 Spring is just a week away! With that in mind, I've created some new pieces that revolve around blooming, growth, and the winged ones that will soon be fluttering through the air.
I pulled out a couple of my favorite moths from one of my paintings and added small "spring moth" prints to my shop. 

The "Paz Leaf" is also a new addition, like the moth paintings, they're meant to look as though they're painted on colorful, natural shaped stones. 
I think they look rather nice paired, and a fresh color combo for spring.

The week ahead is full of rain, really looking forward to having some green in the garden!

xo marisa


Imogen Greene said...

You've been so busy! I love the "paz leaf", such an interesting design. It's nice to see you having time to do more originals.

River Luna said...

Thank you, Imogen! These are a couple I've been working on for some time. My originals are often finished in groups since I'm always doing 5-10 at a time. :)

Nancy*McKay said...

5 to 10 @ a time???
Paz is so beautiful,
i love the Kia & stones!

River Luna said...

Thank you, Nancy!
Watercolors are nice like that, you can always pick up where you left off so it's easy to have several in the works!